EqualizerPro 1.1

A sound equalizer with customizable presets and a bass booster
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EqualizerPro is a simple yet effective sound equalizer for Windows systems. It lets you improve the quality of the sound regardless of what application the sound comes from.
Though at first glance it may seem quite simple, EqualizerPro is actually a pretty complete sound equalizer that includes everything one could ever need or expect from such an application. For example, it comes with 10 bands plus a Preamp volume control slider, it allow easily being switched on or off, and it fully supports handy customizable presets. Though it already provides by default more than 20 handy equalizer presets, it also lets you edit them and create your own, new ones. Last but not least, a neat bass boost effect is also included as a preset. The 10 band equalizer might not seem like much considering that many equalizers also come with 20 or more bands, but in the case of EqualizerPro, these 10 bands prove more than enough to thoroughly and accurate control the pitch and the tone of the sound.

EqualizerPro is quite easy to use, though I would have liked a lot if it would allow changing the presets or controlling the band sliders from its tray icon. Furthermore, since the interface also cannot be customized, you might easily get bored and tired of seeing it almost permanently of your desktop, with the same look.

To conclude, EqualizerPro is a nice equalizer but it also comes with some downsides that aren't that easy to ignore.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes an effective bass booster
  • Customizable sound presets
  • Includes a Preamp volume control slider


  • A bit pricey for a simple sound equalizer with only 10 bands
  • The installer is packed with adware offers and adds unnecessary icons to the desktop
  • The interface cannot be customized
  • The sliders cannot be controlled from the equalizer's tray icon
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